Manchester – Inaction is insufficient

Though terror attacks remain shocking, they become ever less surprising. Despite the desensitisation we all endure with their increasing frequency, the one that has occurred in Manchester is particularly sickening. A nail bomb has been deployed in order to kill young children and their parents in the most horrific way possible. Islamic State propaganda outlets … Continue reading Manchester – Inaction is insufficient


Like the Phoenix, Western pride rises from the ashes

When Antifa attacked Milo's Berkley speech, they made a mistake analogous to that of the Empire of Japan. They thought that a sudden and shocking strike, involving the beating and potentially killing of not just Alt-Righters, but also of attendees and bystanders, would crush the resolve of the movement. They felt such a strike would … Continue reading Like the Phoenix, Western pride rises from the ashes

Indyref2 Will Be Sturgeon’s Swan Song

Nicola Surgeon described the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum as a 'once in a generation event'. Now in 2017 Sturgeon has moved to initiate a second vote, and has received the backing of the Scottish Parliament in doing so. Her justification for this is the UK's exit from the EU. This is an absurd excuse at best. Scotland voted to remain in the UK back in 2014, in the knowledge a Brexit referendum was on the cards. If they didn't want to abide by UK wide decisions, Scotland could have left back in 2014.