Mainstream leftism has failed. Across the West it’s been co-opted by an ultra liberal elite who embrace globalism and social liberalism at the expense of the working man.

The political left once embraced rationalism. It sponsored religious critiques and paved the way for scientific advances . Now the regressive behemoth into which it has morphed brands critics of it’s favourite religions ‘racists’ or ‘islamophobes’. It denies science and openly attacks biology, so keen to ensure the equality of all that it aggressively pretends there are no inherent gender distinctions. For many leftist leaders the traditional worker is an inconvenient and embarrassing uncle at a wedding. He is seen as uncultured, bigoted or even inferior. More and more, working class men and women are becoming natural constituents of the right.

The Alt-Left is a radical new philosophy that seeks to reverse the fortunes of the left throughout the West. It believes the workers who built the infrastructure on which we rely are the people to whom we owe a great debt. They are not undesirables or inconveniences, but the foundation of any great nation, and should be treated as such.

We believe national pride is the greatest means by which to bring about community cohesion. Britishness is the greatest of group identities, and it should not be shirked by metropolitan elites who themselves have disdain for the nation state.

We are in favour of a strong military, but are anti-war. We don’t believe our people’s lives should be expended in never ending foreign wars without good reason or just cause. At the same time any attacks on our soil should be met with utmost speed and ferocity. Security is the first duty of the state and we do not take it lightly.

If ensuring Western nations continue to be host to good paying jobs in manufacturing and harvesting is deemed protectionist, then that which we are is protectionist. Imports from the East have only served to drive down domestic wages, kill jobs, and reduce product quality. To those who say prices would rise if we tariffed foreign goods, they are correct. It’s no bad thing to move from an economy reliant on spending to an economy reliant on production, certainly the latter is more desirable than the former. In any case we can subsidise higher costs of food and essentials through duty hikes on non-essentials like sugary drinks and alcohol.

The ideal society is one in which the rule of law is strictly applied. It’s one where people live in communities free of segregation or sectarianism. It’s one in which jobs are high tech, high pay, not insecure and seasonal. We would clamp down on crime, not make excuses for it. We would invest in infrastructure, not leave cities to rot and claim to do otherwise would be ‘gentrification’.

It’s time to reject the SJW’s, the anti-men radical feminists, the anti-white ‘liberation’ movements, and the pro globalist elites who have hijacked the left. Instead we go forth lockstep with workers, soldiers and housewives in order to build the society our greatness necessitates.

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T. James