Manchester – Inaction is insufficient

Though terror attacks remain shocking, they become ever less surprising. Despite the desensitisation we all endure with their increasing frequency, the one that has occurred in Manchester is particularly sickening. A nail bomb has been deployed in order to kill young children and their parents in the most horrific way possible. Islamic State propaganda outlets have referred to the victims as “Crusaders”.

The dominant narrative emerging is the usual one. “We must come together.” “If we change our behaviour the terrorists win”. Thus we are led to believe the best course of action in preventing Islamic terror is to continue to import many millions more Muslims into Europe. Indeed, anyone who speaks up against such a policy is branded as ‘divisive’.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and French President Macron both agree terror attacks are a price we must pay to live in a multicultural society. It’s time to say such a price is not worth paying, and our blood can no longer be spilt in order to further the goals of a small globalist clique.

The government must act now to imprison those on the terror watch list under emergency powers and put an immediate halt to none-vital Islamic immigration into the UK. Doing nothing does nothing, and to continue doing it will leave us with nothing. Terrorism doesn’t have to be an accepted cost of civilisation, in fact its the thing which directly jeopardises civilisations existence.



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