Like the Phoenix, Western pride rises from the ashes

When Antifa attacked Milo’s Berkley speech, they made a mistake analogous to that of the Empire of Japan. They thought that a sudden and shocking strike, involving the beating and potentially killing of not just Alt-Righters, but also of attendees and bystanders, would crush the resolve of the movement. They felt such a strike would send shockwaves that would force the Alt-Right back into hiding, quelled not just by the cry of ‘racist’ but also by the striking of a baton, or brick.

If that attack was Antifa’s Pearl Harbour, then Lauren Southern’s return to the very same city, now marching in lockstep with a coalition of patriots, was our VJ day. We won the physical fight that day, but more importantly than that, we won a battle of ideology. We normalised what for so long have been radical ideas, ostracised by polite society. Now they are part of the mainstream agenda.

Just as V day followed VJ day, Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn University followed the Battle of Berkley. This day involved the overturning of a ban on Spencer’s speaking at the University.  This day saw a legal precedent, that never again will the Alt-Right be swept away by the heckler’s veto. The support that rallied at Auburn also demonstrated, that with or without police protection cohorts the country over will keep our speakers and leaders safe from Communist violence.

Antifa tactics have backfired. Provocative comments by Richard Spencer, and subsequent violent reactions to those comments have transformed Spencer from the leader of a cultish subculture to a national voice. Like those Greeks and Romans before us who literally paved the roads on which we walk, Spencer has shown us the way forwards. Let us now all lift up our voices  and demand such a fundamental revolution of economics, culture and of life itself that it shakes the very foundations of the Earth.

The Auburn speech will have thousands upon thousands enlisting into our cause. Our time is now. The momentum is with us. The spirit which colonised the world stirs within our souls, now we must call upon it to take back control. Make America, and Europe, great again.






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