Islam Is A Bad Idea

Today marks the latest Islamist terrorist attack. Reports as of the time of writing inform us of the death of 11 Russian citizens in a blast within the St. Petersburg underground system.

The immediate response from many is to rush to the defence of Islam. ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ they cry, ‘What about the IRA?’, they ask. Well just as the IRA was inspired by violent biblical justifications and prompted by geopolitics, the violent tendencies in the Quran have not just been sparked, but set ablaze.

Hundreds of thousands have taken up the Quranic call to Jihad and rampage across the Middle East, butchering as they please. Millions more sympathise with the cause, and aid and abet Islamic State attacks on Western soil.

Unlike the IRA, who had reasonable aims and could be negotiated with, Islamic State fighters have an insatiable love of death and a goal only to dominate the globe. They are a vile alien force who must be crushed as indeed must their sympathisers and enablers.

It’s time to admit Islam is not a religion of peace but a doctrine of war. Though most Muslims are not terrorists, most terrorists are Muslims. The peaceful majority, if it even is a majority any more do nothing to prevent the attacks like the once suffered today by the Russians.

Buddhists do not commit acts of terror against the Chinese civilian population, though they have suffered at that state’s hands. Why? Because Buddhism is founded on the principles of peace. Islam conversely was founded on the principles of the warlord, Mohamed, and the effects of that are evident once again today.

Islam is not a race. Arabs are a race. Millions of Arabs are Christian or Secular. Islam is an idea. Ideas cannot be protected, because the criticism of ideas is the means by which we agree upon the good ones. Islam requires protection precisely because it is not a good idea. To those defending Islam today – you are part of the problem.

That this attack was launched on Russia should alert the Western countries that Russia is not an enemy to us, but an ally against a common enemy whose aim is to destroy the culture of both Eastern and Western peoples. It’s time to unite.

We must begin to take new approaches to security. Deportations will be required. Surveillance must be stepped up. Officers must be allowed more leeway in dealing with suspects.

We have to get tough, before it’s too late.



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