Corbyn Less Popular Than Nuttall in London

To be less popular than Paul Nuttall in London is analogous to being less popular than the Black Death in 1350.

Paul Nuttalls purple brand of working class toryism could never take hold amongst the metropolitan people of London. Indeed it hasn’t. Paul Nuttall currently enjoys a personal approval rating of -34 in the city.

Even more staggering then that Jeremy Corbyn, an Islington MP, lingers some 10 points below Nuttall with a -44 point approval rating.

London is a city with a huge migrant population. It’s unskilled workers are crushed by high rents and low wages. It’s middle class is trendy, socially liberal and au fait with gender pronouns. If Corbyn is hated even by these people, then what chance has he got with anybody else?

Even Corbynistas now quietly accept Corbyn’s tenure must come to an end. The problem is, neither his supporters or his detractors have a suitable candidate to replace him.

Only a leader who embraces Working people and social conservatism can take Labour into government any time soon. The traditional left, be it ‘soft’ or not, nor the neoliberal Kendallite right can usurp Tory hegemony. Certainly not until the next financial crash, and that could be quite some time.


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