Lara Witt is a virulent racist.

A great man once said that we should all aspire to judge one another on the content of their character, rather than the colour of their skin. It was sound advice, and was well received at the time. Jump to 2017 where the civil rights movement is not only redundant, but has been totally perverted into a machine to whip up anti-white hatred.

In this case Lara Witt is the latest figure to step forth and declare her hatred for white people.

lara witt

I’m not an officer of the PC police. I wouldn’t be moved by a single offensive comment like this, vile though it is. But I am moved by a sustained anti-white campaign spearheaded by Ms. Witt, who is a prominent writer for Teen Vogue. Not only is Witt launching her disgusting rants into the twittersphere, but she’s also directly poisoning the minds of children through her writing.

This also serves as a good demonstration of the ways the free market undermines societal cohesion. So far as there is an audience for this hateful literature, then Teen Vogue will continue to profit from racist bile, which will inevitably manifest in sectarian violence. But that’s another topic.

One can only assume that to accuse whites of being uniquely evil, is to have a knowledge of history confined entirely to the trans Atlantic slave trade, and perhaps some of the more famous atrocities of the British Empire.

For the benefit of the witless Witt I should inform her that slavery is not something exclusive to whites in the 17th century.

In fact amongst the earliest recorded slavers were the Black Egyptians who enslaved the Jews.

The classical period marks the rise of Carthage a North African empire who not only took slaves, but launched conquests into Europe, the better to seize them.

Come the Medieval era African kings were selling off their own people to the Arabs.


That’s not to mention that the largest contiguous land empire in human history was the Mongolian empire. The number of Eastern Europeans put to the sword and enslaved by the Mongols is actually uncountable.

On top of that we have the Islamic Caliphate which seized control over the entire Middle East and parts of Africa, expelling Christians and Jews from the holy places some 500 years before the Crusades were dreamt of.

The African Barbary States were going to great lengths to enslave Europeans well into the early modern period.

For those who suggest White European nations have a monopoly on imperialism in modernity, they have clearly failed to account for the Ottoman Empire which didn’t break up until 1922. In fact the Ottomans occupied numerous European countries, including Romania, Bulgaria and Greece until the late 1800’s. Moreover the modern nation-state of turkey still maintains some colonial territories, including Northern Cyprus which it re-conquered in 1974.

Even the South Americans were in on it, beheading slaves and chucking their dismembered bodies down from their pyramids.

All of this and I made no mention of the Ming dynasty, Achaemenid empire, the Tibetan empire, the Huns or the Indian Mughal empire. The list could go on for some time.

None whites also give whites a run for their money when it comes to genocide:

The Cambodian genocide killed 3 million people. 1.5 Million Armenians were killed by the Turks in a genocide they still deny. The ottomans also massacred over 500,000 Greeks in the Greek genocide. Not to be out done, the Africans also launched the Rwandan genocide, killing some 800,000. These genocides are not long forgotten historical events – all occurred in the 20th century.

This isn’t an attempt to deflect from imperialist crimes of European empires in the classical or early modern period. One could talk at length about the Roman, Greek and British empire’s incursions into African and Middle Eastern territory. Indeed European inter-communal violence was so dire the British and French had a war for 100 years.

Instead what this serves to demonstrate is the biological instincts which inspire men to conquer and enslave are present in all people. Race is not a factor in determining ones capacity or desire to subjugate another people or sequester their resources.

If one wants to condemn whites as evil on the basis that they promote their own culture in their own nations. Well they do so to a much lesser extent than the Japanese, the Chinese, the Kenyans, the Sudanese, the Saudis, or the Israelis.

To sum up. Witt’s attempts to demonise white skin and the people who were born with it is based on an analysis of historical oppression which omits 99% of the evidence. How she ever got a job in journalism is in itself a total mystery to me.


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