“Old hands twisting young wrists”

Watson’s battle could well be the title of an ITV drama. In many ways it is an ongoing serial drama and it surrounds the continual conflict between Labour deputy leader Watson, and internal elements within the party.

It’s latest incarnation sees Watson accusing pro-Corbyn Momentum, of conspiring with the UK’s largest trade union, Unite, to seize control of the party. No doubt there were some loose words secretly recorded, but the attention Watson has drawn to it is absurd. It’s dominating the news media, and forced the leadership to meet over the issue. It also does nothing to help Unite who have supported Watson for a long time.

In short it’s just one more daily internal Labour clash further destroying what’s left of the party’s credibility.

But although today marks Tom making hay out of nothing, he is actually right on the broader issue. Although most Labour members are democratic socialists or similar, most-every Trotskyist in the country could also be found amongst Labour’s ranks at this point.

Everyday the SWP are marching alongside Labour, distribute their literature at Labour events and actively endorse Corbyn. Other loonies like The Alliance For Workers Liberty who claim any border control is racist, led to the shutting down of the Brighton CLP as a result of their entryism. Even Derek Hatton of Militant fame applied to re-join the party after Corbyn’s election.

Many say such criticisms are unfair, since Progress, a pro-Blair Labour group, do much the same things as Momentum. Well that’s true. So to advocate for Momentum to be proscribed, but Progress to continue to exist would be inconsistent.

So let’s proscribe them both.

– Oh, and Tom – have some self-respect and lose some weight. You’re standing to be deputy Prime Minister for Christ’s sake.



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