Stop Poking The Bear

120 British troops have been deployed to Estonia to ‘deter Russian aggression’.

This move is nothing more than a militaristic pissing contest dressed up in Orwellian hypocrisy.

The most bizarre element to this posturing is the negligible size of the force being deployed. 120 men could never hold back the Russian war machine, and nor is it really intended to. It’s merely a token gesture that serves no further purpose than pissing off Vlad.

Not to mention the fact Estonia is some 1,700 miles away from the UK, and shares a land border with Russia. Is this not a fragrant display of British aggression? How would we feel if the Russians began deploying forces in The Republic of Ireland? Probably not dissimilar to the way the Russians feel looking at NATO troops from across their border.

It’s time to put an end to Cold War antics. Let’s make moves to strengthen ties, not to further strain them. Let’s not die in a nuclear apocalypse prompted by a handful of elite’s geopolitical power plays.



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